Fluidinova is a specialized manufacturer of synthetic nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite material, which is commercialized under the brand name nanoXIM®.

Using an innovative patented technology – NETmix® – Fluidinova produces a highly pure, single phase nanoHydroxyapatite.

nanoXIM® is supplied worldwide in different forms according to the needs of clients on Medical Devices, Oral Care and Research & Development.

Investment Date: October 2005
Vehicle Used: Fast Change


Hottrade has the concession rights to manage an iconic buildings in Porto (Portugal) – Edifício Transparente, located between the sea and the “Parque da Cidade” (is the largest urban park in Portugal, occupying a total of 83 hectares).

The building, designed by the Catalan architect Solà-Morales, has around 3,800 m2 for retail and business use, divided in 23 spaces. Restaurants have the larger slice of the pie.

Investment Date: June 2006
Vehicle Used: Fast Change


GuestCentric offers an integrated solution that includes all the features necessary for the success of sales of hotels and guest houses.

Marketing of web-based system for managing bookings made online, website building for social and mobile channels.

The company has been awarded for its constant innovation (IMA Award 2011 Hermes Award 2011 WebAward 2010).

Investment Date: April 2007
Vehicle Used: Fast Change


CEV dedicates to develop a product and patent a protein, named BLAD. BLAD is obtained from Lupinus Albus (sweet lupine) and has anti-fungi properties.
The product - PROBLAD PLUS and/or Fracture – is registered in USA and shall enter that market in the near future. Fruits and vegetables are the target crops.

This product can be sold once a registration of it is granted. Registration of product in Europe and in Asia is undergoing.

Investment Date: August 2007
Vehicle Used: Fast Change

Critical Links

Critical Links develops software applications integrated with the main product edgeBOX & Education Appliance.

The edgeBOX is a multifunction business gateway that consolidates voice, data and information technology services for SMEs

The Education Appliance is an educational platform that allows customers to equip schools with vital infrastructure for new forms of learning.

Investment Date: August 2007
Vehicle Used: Fast Change


EIDT develops and markets Zypho, a patented technical solution for energy efficiency, based on a product that leverages on the outlet of hot bath water to the wastewater to preheat the cold water that will be consumed in the same bath.

The Zypho achieves gains in energy efficiency over 30%.

Investment Date: March 2012
Vehicle Used: Fast Change II


Converde is controlled by CEV and built a plant to manufacture and export to the U.S. and Canada the biological fungicide, produced from BLAD protein extracted from lupine, which features in addition to inhibit the growth of some fungi, bio-stimulant action on plants growth.

The multifunctional protein BLAD produced during germination of a variety of lupine called "Lupinus albus" is the active ingredient of the fungicide.

Investment Date: August 2012
Vehicle Used: Fast Change II, Fast Change


Cell2B is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing advanced cellular therapies.

Cell2B is currently developing new techniques and protocols to increase the number of stem cells and its efficacy in the regeneration of organs and tissues.

These are protected by two distinct patents being licensed from MIT and IST.

Investment Date: August 2012
Vehicle Used: Fast Change II


Streambolico is devoted to significantly improve wireless communication to and from mobile devices. Based on proprietary network coding technology, our software based solutions deliver faster, more reliable and scalable wireless communication. With Streambolico’s software, cloud service providers can reduce costs and significantly improve their users’ QoE. Streambolico also offers a solution for streaming to hundreds of users per WiFi hotspot, which is essential todeliver multimedia content in high user density scenarios.

Investment Date: September 2013
Vehicle Used: Fast Change II


Biomode develops and commercializes diagnostic tests for healthcare and food safety by identifying pathogens in quick, simple and cost-efficiently way.

The company currently has four patented kits for food safety: Probe4Salmonella®, Probe4Lmon® Probe4Eco157® e Probe4Cronobacter® and two kits for healthcare: Probe4Pylori® e Probe4Fumigatus®.

Investment Date: September 2014
Vehicle Used: Fast Change II


SWORD Health is a healthcare startup that is reinventing motor rehabilitation through the combination of science-driven therapeutic methods with effective technologies that facilitate dissemination of care.

Until now, traditional rehabilitation has been based on a 1:1 interaction between patient and therapist. While the clinical validity of this approach is clearly established, it is highly dependent on human resources, which are scarce, and heavy logistics. To solve these issues, SWORD Health has developed a system that combines motion sensors and powerful software allowing a more efficient and cost-effective approach to rehabilitation.

Investment Date: November 2015
Vehicle Used: Fast Change II


Exogenous Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to pre-clinical and clinical development of innovative cellular based therapies applied to regenerative medicine, specifically for the skin lesions treatment.

The company is presently developing its first product, Exo-Wound, for the treatment of chronic wounds.

The innovative technology of Exogenous Therapeutics is protected by patent.

Investment Date: December 2015
Vehicle Used: Fast Change II