About us

  • We are an independent Venture Capital firm, which plans to invest, taking risks and reaping the benefits, side by side with those who share the same values to achieve success: hard work, innovation, competence, ambition and business ethics.

    We believe that the main agents of change are today’s entrepreneurs. The new generations of entrepreneurs have a special responsibility in upgrading Portugal’s positioning in Europe and worldwide.

    It takes new ideas to foster entrepreneurship, but is crucial to put them into practice before the others. Especially nowadays that we need not only to do well, but also to arrive in first place, to gain competitive advantage.

    We invest in people that have the ambition to be winners and fight for leadership. We will fund the projects of those who feel that what they did so far is still not comparable to what they can do in the future.

    Change Partners, SCR goal is to become a leader in the segment of independent operators in the Venture Capital industry in Portugal, and aims at being in the top 3 in terms of industry profitability.

    We want to be active agents of internationalization of the Portuguese economy.

    If you share our values, you have a project and you need a partner, contact us.